What’s turning heads in the world of implants

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From the world of Dental Implants to that of Head Implants.

When we hear the word ‘implants’, what do we think about?

Organ implants, Cosmetic surgery or Dental implants, right?


Well there’s something on the horizon that is about to expand that ‘term’ in ways we never thought were possible.

If you were to be told that there’s a doctor out there that has an agenda to bring head transplants into the mainstream, what would you think then?

This is no movie ‘coming soon to a theater near you’, this is cutting edge technology coming at us at an exceeding pace.

Italian doctor, Sergio Canavero is determined to show all the skeptics out there that transplanting a human head onto a donor body is not fiction, but rather as real as it gets.


The first attempt at head transplants was done in the 1970’s by Dr.White.

Dr. White conducted the transplant on a monkey, however the procedure was not an entire success as the monkey remained paralyzed post operation and died 9 days after due to the donor body rejecting the head.

Since then the world of medical technology has made such headway (pardon the pun) that when Dr. Canavero attempted a head transplant with a monkey he succeeded.


Dr. Canavero claims that everything we’ve known about the human brain and spinal cord up till now is false, which just strengthens his theory that head transplants on humans is just a matter of time and funding.


So in theory, it is possible to conduct this mind blowing procedure (what’s up with these puns?!), but now it needs to be put to the test, right?

Wells there’s a brave man out there by the name of Valery Spiridinov from Russia, that has been chosen to be patient Zero.

Spiridinov suffers from an illness called Verding-Hoffman, a rare genetic disease that causes the muscles to waste away. Valery is one of the rare 10% that has succeeded to live past childhood with this condition.


According to Valery he is at a stage where he has only to gain from partaking is this ground breaking operation, as it is only a matter of time before his body fails him completely.


The surgery was set to occur according to various sources around December 2017 in an undisclosed location.

The true question that needs to be asked is not if Dr. Canavero will succeed, but rather what will happen once he does?

Where will the line in the proverbial sand be set? Will this surgery be available to only those who really require it? Individuals that suffer from rare diseases, unrepeatable paralysis or amputees?

Or will this one day become the next cosmetic procedure for the aging body but forever young mind?

Will this be science’s gift to man instead of searching for the fountain of youth?

Until the day comes where Head Implants will be a daily routine, we’ll stick to what we know and love: Dental Implants.

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“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”

-Albert Einstein-

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