The King of Pop. Introducing our Overdenture Attachment, Pop- Clicq™


We find ourselves at a time where people needing dental implants and other related procedures (such as locator overdentureis ever growing. Because of these increasing numbers, it is more important than ever to make sure that the market has on offer premium quality solutions not only for dentists, but more over for their patients.

With that in mind, here at dibaywe are constantly finding ourselves at the drawing board, brainstorming on how to better, evolve and develop our products for the dentists and their patients to enjoy a more positive 


experience, while placing premium standards and quality at the helm.

It is with that driving force that we are proud to introduce a new product that has been meticulously designed and produced to create a game changer in the world of Locator Dentures.

Pop-Clicq™ holds within it’s design some very crucial advantages that are about to make life a lot easier.

Due to its innovative and advanced design, it is exceedingly simple for those using it to insert and extract. Moreover, it is extremely durable and with a self-aligning design which enables the attachments to be customized for various levels of retention, with the lowest possible vertical profile.

The real pièce de résistance of the Pop-Clicq™ is its capability to pivot, which increasing the resilience of the attachment as well as a high tolerance level for mastication force.

Since the ‘male’ attachment is able to pivot in its set location, this enables a truly strong connection to the prosthetic without any decrease in retention. While the ‘male’ and ‘female’ attachments continue to be in a static connection, the retention cap has full range of motion. By improving the ability for pivoting it increases performance levels and client satisfaction on a long term basis, while reducing drastically and related problems.


locator overdentureSo what are the key Advantages of our Locator Overdenture, Pop-Clicq™?

  • Customized levels of retention
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Self- Aligning design
  • Outstanding durability
  • New & exciting pivoting technological design
  • Correction between dental implants of up to 40° angle
  • Low levels of vertical height

We have invested a great amount of thought and time into creating our Premium Quality Pop-Clicq™ as an innovative option for the Locator Overdenture.  We have designed it to be compatible with leading brands in the market (the Pop-Clicq™ metal housing assembled with the silicon retentive cap are compatible with the Zest Locator® abutment).  As well as providing you with a package kit that includes everything you will need ( such as: various abutment heights, silicone inserts, metal housing ect.). We have taken into consideration all aspects that we felt were lacking and improved them.

We would love to invite you to learn more about the Pop-Clicq™, as we are most certain that once you have experienced working with this innovative new product you won’t want to stop.


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