The SOS Kit is definitely a must have tool!

It belongs to any clinician drawer; weather you are a restorative dentist or an oral surgeon.

This Kit can really be a life saver during different procedure, when things are getting a little bit out of control and it does not seem to be as you anticipated.

Implantologist, in many cases are facing situations when screws can be stuck, twisted, broken or the head became round and it is not engaging any more.

For this kind of cases, you really want to have the sos kit handy…

Chances are great to solve those inconvenient situations and you can easily avoid aggravations and overcome them.

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The Kit contains:

One drill guide
One orientation lead / screw holder
Two slim climb drills
Two  unique hook drills

Free Bonus!

Get 2 SOS tools for releasing worn screw head from the abutment level.











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