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Bone Compression Kit

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Bone Compression Kit

:: The Bone Compression kit improves the treatment in sinus lifting and soft bone compression.

:: A simple bone compression procedure enables better implantation and better implant primary stability.

:: The compression kit can be operated either manually or with a contra angle, according to the surgeon’s choice.

:: The Bone Compression Kit improves the treatment of sinus lifting and anchoring in relatively soft bone types 3 and 4.

:: A simple bone compression procedure enables better implantation, better primary stability, and the prevention of bone loss.


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:: Prevents traumatic osteotomy

:: Increases bone density

:: Increases implant primary stability

:: Gradual control of bone expansion

:: Laser marks on the screws indicate height of 8 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm


The Kit Contains

1 x Ratchet Wrench 6.35mm Hex

1x Ratchet Adapter 4.0mm Square

1 x Spade Drill

1 x Motor Mount Adapter

1 x Concave Screw for Sinus Elevation

3 x Convex Bone Compression Screws


Indications for use

:: For internal sinus floor elevation procedure in case the bone level in the lateral maxilla is between 7-10 mm.

:: Using the osteotoms depends on bone type.

:: Sensitive manual control of the osteotom reduces the risk of perforation of the upper maxilla to a minimum.


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