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G-Cuff™ SET – Innovative approach for a perfect dental implant impression!

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G-Cuff™ Set

Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression

The G-Cuff Difference

The easy-to-use G-Cuff is highly appreciated by general dentists and prosthodontists receiving 4 stars out of 5 in Dental Product Shoppers evaluation.
Dentists outlined the ease of use, impression accuracy and great saving in time and materials as well as the multi purpose aspect of the G-Cuff as a non invasive tissue retraction, cement barrier. abutment carrier and much more.

Direct impression (G-Cuff impression) applies natural teeth impression technique to implant restoration.

Direct impression (G-Cuff impression) technique doesn’t require neither impression copings, splinting nor open trays.

Why G-Cuff?

G-Cuff™ impression is the only technique that allows an immediate temporization on the first appointment.
The abutments stay in a patient’s mouth from the first positioning, rather than they must be re-positioned in a regular practice with open / closed tray methods.

The impression with G-Cuff™ is predictable and it looks like the impression of natural teeth.
The passive fit is guaranteed & the final delivery always meets the expectations.

G-Cuff-SET-Innovative-approach implant-impression

G-Cuff™ contouring Emergence profile

Designing a custom abutment from transfer impression is often a mystery for the lab. The one important thing that is missing is the capacity of the tissue to be extended.

G-Cuff™ allows the lab to gather that information from the impression. Thus designing transitional contouring healing cap or a custom abutment is easy and doesn’t make the lab to guess up to which point the margins of the abutment could be extended.

The dentist can control the expansion by using more then one single G-cuff for each transfer.

dental implant impression

Innovative implant dental impression


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