Are we about to replace Dental Implants?

Replace Dental Implants

Losing a tooth as a child is a celebration, a chance to meet the Tooth Fairy up close and personal.

However, as an adult none of us would actually enjoy losing a tooth (for whatever treat we would find under our pillow). Tooth loss in adults is a growing issue, be it due to old age, an accident or poor oral hygiene.

We are at an age where we are finding more and more ways to substitute defective body part with prosthetics, be it for health related issues, or cosmetic ones.

Dental implants have been around dating as far back as ancient Egypt and have come such a long way since.

Even with all these technological advancements (and there have been plenty since dental implant consisted of rocks or elephant tusks), the human body will always favore & react far better to natural sourced products.

We would all prefer to have our own teeth rather than an implant, but sadly that is not always a luxury we can all enjoy.

The Stem of all cells

A new research is being held at Tufts University that suggest we might be able to grow new teeth in the future, thus saying goodbye to dental implants all together.

Using stem cells it seems we will soon be able to grow new teeth and bone materials, however this process is far from being simple.

Extracting stem cells requires a healthy adult tooth pulp, which from that stage needs to form into a tooth bud.

Turning stem cells into a tooth bud is no easy task, since it requires a very particular environment in which to form.

Scientist need to create an environment that mimics that of an embryo, where our teeth are created in the first place.

A ‘scaffold’ needs to be formed, which is a scientific term for the environment that needs to be created to resemble an embryo surrounding.

Finding the right scaffold is proving to be the most challenging at this point, a material that will best create an embryonic surrounding where tooth buds can be formed and grow.


A first attempt was made by placing tooth buds in to the jaws of pigs over the course of 5 months, which did bring promising results as the buds did form into early stages of adult teeth.

As remarkable as this may be, we are still far from achieving the spectacular result of growing our own set of human implantable teeth.


The implication of being able to successfully grow ‘new teeth’ is exciting.

This would potentially mean that individuals needing new teeth, or reconstructing their jaw due to injuries, would enjoy the option of a natural solution rather the invasive procedure of foreign implants embedded into the jaw.

Using human tissue rather than a artificial substance would also mean a less likelihood of the body rejecting the implant.


The prospects of growing our own teeth is exciting to say the least, however it will be years before this will be a viable options for those requiring dental implants.

It is because of that, that we are still looking to technology to continue to better the dental implants offered on the market today.


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