Pre-milled Abutment

Pre-milled Dental Abutment

Pre-milled abutment is mechanically manufactured post which is attached to superior portion of implant that protrudes through the gingiva and on which a restoration is fitted.

Pre-milled abutments are efficient, most common and least expensive type of abutment used. Pre fabricated abutment is used on well placed implant and reduces the cost. Over the past thirty five years, there is a significant increase in the number and variety of pre-milled implant abutments


Manufacturers provide pre-milled abutments of different sizes, shapes, and angulation. Pre-milled abutments can be prepared according to requirement and it is considered as a conventional post and core treatment procedure.


  • Cost effective
  • Highly efficient
  • Most common
  • Less number of visits required
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Most of preparation for pre-milled abutment is done outside the mouth


  • Pre-milled abutments are of limited use
  • It is not appropriate for many sites
  • Proper support is not provided
  • Pre-milled abutments do not provide emergency profile and proper contours for restoration
  • It may cause food impaction
  • The main problem lies in diameter of the implant platform which is loading and emergency profile


  • Pre-milled abutments are indicated in all the conditions where all the parts of implant should provide support to final and temporary, single unit to full arch restoration.


  • When there is insufficient inter occlusal space
  • When splinting of more than three implants is needed in a quadrant
  • When angle correction of greater than fifteen degree is required by an implant
  • When there is more than one millimeter collar height

Necessary records to be taken for pre-fabricated abutment are:

  • Diameter of implant system
  • Cuff height
  • Inter occlusal height
  • Angulation of abutment is needed
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