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We’ve all heard of November 11’th, right?
That sweet day when we just buy to our heart’s content while flashing ‘SALE’ signs high-five us on our way to the virtual cash register.
November 11’th (also known as ‘Singles Day’ or ‘Anti- Valentines Day’) is a commerce celebration for both businesses and shoppers alike.
But where did it all start from?
Well, it all started as an ambiguous celebration for single folks in China in the 90’s, as a form of rebellion against the all lovey-dovey Valentines Day that takes place in February.
In 2009 this alternative ‘holiday’ was adopted by e-commerce mogel, Alibaba.
Alibaba noticed the commercial potential behind this ‘movement’ and decided to join in on the festivities.
At first, it was called ‘Double 11’ with specials deals and sales offered just on that day.
It was a chance to create a peek in purchasing during the lulls between October and Christmas.
Slowly over the years, it has turned into the biggest, most exciting online shopping day, taking place every year on November 11‘th, having businesses from all over the world embracing this marketing approach.
Since then it has become a day where regardless of your social status, everyone enjoys the perks of the massive sales taking place.
So… guess what?!
We’re adopting this fantastic opportunity to give our clients a reason to smile,
with outrageous sales taking place on our website for this one sweet day.
You’re looking for high- quality compatible abutments, Internal Hex, Lamina & Fortis Dental Implants at ridiculous prices, right?
The end of the year is approaching, and we’re clearing stock with SALES of up to 50%
Today’s the day to celebrate being single, being married, being happy and being able to treat yourself to fantastic products that will leave you asking:
Why did I wait until November 11’th to buy at
Better NOW than never!
Happy November 11‘th!!!

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