Multi Unit Abutments in a Brief

Multi Unit Abutment are basically the scaffold support for the implant prosthetics placed in complete or partially edentulous patients.  Abutment functions as a connecting unit between implant prosthetics/crowns and implant body.
Multi unit abutments is an advanced type of abutment which is used for best implant outcomes. It consists of different units that unite together to form an abutment that is more functional and provides better health outcomes for a variety of patients requiring dental implants.

Generally, there are two kinds of Multi unit abutments system

  1. Straight Multi unit Abutments
  2. Angulated / Angled Multi Unit Abutments

The flexibility of choosing between straight or angled MU abutments permits for wide variety of options in prosthetic rehabilitation.

Straight Multi Unit Abutments

Straight multi unit abutments deliver screw retained prosthetic solutions in which implants are placed at a lesser degree of divergence ranging up to 40°

Angulated / Angled Multi Unit Abutments

Angulated Multi Unit Abutments are used in cases where angulation correction is needed and implant body is placed at marked divergent angles ranging up to 75° – 100°

There are normally three options for Angulated Multi Unit Abutments;

  • 9°Degrees angulation for use with implants with a divergence of up to 55°
  • 17°/18° Degrees angulation for use with implants with a divergence of up to 75°
  • 30°Degrees angulation for use with implants with a divergence of up to 100°


The use of MU abutments has been proved the best possible option in patients with All-on-4 OR all-on-6 Implant placement. The success of this concept was never possible without the invention of angled MU abutments. In case of All-on-4 procedure, all the prosthetic teeth are supported with the help of only four implants on each arch. These implants are placed at specific angles of divergence in order to support the implant supported denture in a better way and to dissipate the masticatory forces equally in all the planes. Therefore, angled multi unit abutments are used in these implants to cope up with the extra divergence given to the implants which is never possible with ordinary abutments.

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