It’s Time for Titanium Abutments.


Modern day dental implants found their ‘voice’ in the early 1950’s in Stockholm by Dr.Branemark. He was the first to observe that when bone came in contact with titanium and left to be, the bone would grow around the titanium without having to undergo extracting parts of the jaw bone as beforehand would be customary. This discovery is what has led us down the road to today’s dental implants as well as titanium abutments.


Prior to the use of titanium, other materials were tested and used (eg. vitreous carbon), however their brittel properties made them less than optimal candidates for dental implants.

The use of titanium proved to be most beneficial as it is easy to use, predictable and more important practical. Titanium on its own proved to be a bit too soft, so an additional alloy was introduced to compensate for what the titanium lacked on its own.

Today one of the most popular dental implants used are made of titanium ( around 95 percent) , the success rate of 98 percent over the span of a decade.


The use of titanium in dental implant provide far more versatility than other materials (such as zirconia) due to the fact that one can produce either one or two piece implant systems. The option of two piece dental implant systems provide more adaptability and options with the surgical flexibility they offer during their placement, as well as overdentures that either snap on or are permanently placed in the oral cavity.


The advantages of our Titanium Abutments make them the optimal choice when looking for the best dental solutions while remaining cost effective.

We use GRADE 5 Ti-6AL-4V-ELI (ELI= Extra Low Interstitials), which is a proven highly successful choice for substructures of dental implants and abutments. It pro

vides more ductility, is extremely durable, light weight, high corrosion resistant and is a biocompatible material.

Our Titanium Abutments are coated with TiN ( Titanium Nitride).

By coating our titanium abutments with TiN, we provide an added surface with grants the abutments a harder surface, resistance to wear and abrasion, positive interaction with biological substances, resistance to corrosion and lower friction levels.

At dibay™ we offer a wide variety of superstructures that provide exact connections to the dental implants, allowing the doctor to pick the most precise fitting abutment for each patient individually. Our compatible titanium abutments are compatible with leading brands on the market and are available in various forms such as: Wide titanium abutments, narrow titanium abutments, angulated titanium abutments and many other options, enabling you to achieve the best results while knowing you are providing your patients with the finest quality products on the market.

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