Implant Gauge Indicators

Implant Gauge Indicators

Case Planning: A crucial step in implant dentistry

Clinical application of osseointegration has significantly evolved over recent decades.
The old approach to implant placement was to prioritize areas of the jaw where bone quantity was adequate, limiting alternative possibilities that could
potentially be more ideal in a specific patient’s situation (i.e. extreme angulation requiring an alternative implant location).
Today, pre-procedure case planning in conjunction with modern implant dentistry technologies, allows us to provide

implants for patients in the ideal location of the jaw to support the strength and longevity of the implant.

Case planning also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and communication between the restoring dentist, dental surgeon, and dental laboratory.
Encouraging multiple professionals to contribute their opinion on each individual case helps in achieving the most successful outcome and avoids a restoring dentist’s potential exposure to clinical and financial liability as a result of inadequate planning.


The importance of pre-operative implant gauge indicator use

Dental science has developed a number of extensive treatment options using implants for partially and fully edentulous patients. The goal in clinical practice is always to provide the patient with maximum osseointegration and best aesthetic results.
Common complications to this goal include screw loosening, as well as fractures to the screw, implant or denture. This is where implant gauge indicators come in.
Implant gauge indicators allow the dentist to exactly indicate the
angulation of the implant and soft-tissue thickness.
With this information, we are not only able to perform the implant procedure with maximum precision, but also to decide which abutment is most appropriate for the specific situation.
We produce and sell a wide range of gauge indicators compatible with various
connections and brands existing on the market.

Our Gauge Mini Kit includes three gauges: Straight, 17° & 30°.

Our Gauge Indicators can now be found under our Dental Surgical Instruments category.



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