iLight – Introducing brilliance to the oral cavity

There is a new way to light the oral cavity for dentel implant speciallists

There is a new and efficient way to illuminate the dark oral cavity and reduces the need to use bulky overhead lights and related eye problems, dentist many times face.

Usually the overhead lights, not only that they are making dental professionals to use both hands, they don’t give an extensive and accurate lighting to those hard to reach inner oral spaces as needed.

In order to overcome this problem the iLight™ is equipped with a bright white LED light which enables the adjustment of the attached mirror to any angle or depth of the light giving the dental professionals a whole new level of comfort.

This applies to all the dental procedures such as dental implantologie, dental restoration, general dentistry and any other procedure that uses overhead lights.

LEDs have many advantages such as being a small yet powerful light source. One of the main features of LEDs and especially at this iLight™ is including lower energy consumption and considerable longer lifetime and faster switching.

Other than being a great solution for dental clinics, another benefit of the iLight™ is it’s portability, small size & the fact that it is autoclavable.

The iLight™ was made with improved physical robustness in due to being a low temperature lighting along with its being non-radiational make it to be perfect for use throughout all levels of patients without any restrictions.

Working fluently with the iLight™ assures no conflicts with any dental curing light materials and composites.

We highly recommend that each dentist will “test – drive” the iLight™ due to its technical benefits and the comfort it brings.

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*This is a limited time offer and it applies until Sunday, 15th of May 2016

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