Switching Platforms for Dental Implants

Platforms For Dental Implants

How Platform Switching Changed the way we approach Dental Implants.

Platform switching was discovered like many other great things, by accident.In the late 1980’s there were many instances where there was a lack of availability in the commercial market for wide diameter implant components. Due to the lack there of, it was discovered that mismatched standard diameter abutments showed less crestal bone loss during the healing process. Due to these findings, many companies began to offer platform switching systems for narrow body implants.


Platform switching is a method which is used in preserving alveolar bone levels around a dental implant. This refers to the placement of friction fit restorative or screwed abutments with a narrow diameter on an implant with a wider diameter.

This process is also known as platform shifting, which can assist in increasing the volume of soft tissue around the implant, as well as in preventing crestal bone loss which is imperative for the long term success of a dental implant as well as it’s stability.

The Benefits of Platform switching for Dental Implant

*Esthetic Improvement.

*Minimized inter-implant distance effect.

*An increase in implant longevity.

There have been plenty of studies concerning the topic of platform switching for dental implant, showing the clear benefits of this technique. Such benefits come into play regarding the aesthetic outcome, since due to this procedure there is a matter of preserving of the crestal bone as well as the soft tissue surrounding it which grants a significant influence on bone stability around the dental implants. Moreover, there is a clear significance when the implant abutment diameter is mismatched with the implant that creates the optimal platform switch.

In conclusion, platform switching is a product of a serendipitous mistake. A mistake which has become a popular procedure in the world of dental implants which improves the preservation of bone crest and assists in controlling the biological space repositioning which leads to outstanding aesthetic results.

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