It Doesn’t Hurt to Try Dentis®.

Not many can say they enjoy undergoing Dental Procedures of any kind, let alone Dental Implant procedures.

This is mainly due to the pain one associates with such methods.

As technology is making headway in the field of dentistry, so are the treatments assisting patients when dealing with the pain of a post-procedures.

These days, however, if there are pain relievers that provide a more organic/ holistic option, many people will opt to take it.


The world of Herbology is so vast, truly offering a remedy for any ailment we may wish to cure.

With that being said, there is a new product available to patients that have gone, or are planning on undergoing dental implant procedures.

It is natural, treats the pain, enables a quicker recovery time period, reduces swelling and the chance for infection there after.


Got your attention? Great!


Here’s what you need to know about Dentis®:

Dentis® is a product now offered to treat patients who have gone, or plan on undergoing dental procedures.

Due to it’s revolutionary formula which is entirely plant based, it grants it’s users the option of dealing with oral pain in a natural manner.


Dentis® was created with carefully chosen herbs and plants which together create a highly efficient product.

In the short-term Dentis® reduces swelling, relieves pain, contains antioxidants and reduces chances of infection.

In the long-term Dentis® allows for a speedier recovery timeframe of the oral tissue.


How Dentis® is used

Dentis® can be used for any dental treatment, prior or post procedure.

It’s suggested to use Dentis® not only after a procedure, but rather before as a measure to any dental procedure as it can assist there after with the rehabilitation process.


Dentis® can be used not only with dental procedures, but moreover with patients dealing with wisdom teeth pain or any other pain outside of the dentist’s office.

The Dentis® bottle is designed with a special nozzle which makes using it super easy and reaches all areas of the mouth (contains 20 ml in each bottle).

Which Plants Have Contributed To Dentis®’s Success?

Syzygium aromaticum  CLOVE

Rosmarinus Officinalis ROSEMARY

Matricaria recutita Chamomile

Greater plantain PLANTAGO

Scutellaria lateriflora Skullcap

Zanthoxylum clava-herculis Prickly Ash

Calendula Officinalis Marigold

*Please be advised, Dentis® contains alcohol. It is recommended for those which are sensitive to alcohol to dilute this product as suggested in the instructions.


Dentis®’s unique plant based formula offers a safe, easy and most importantly effective way in which patients can deal with the pain of post dental procedures and other unpleasant side effects that may result.

We kindly invite you to visit us and learn more about this outstanding product for the most satisfactory results.

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