dibay™, the online Dental Implant Store that has been changing the rules of the game since 2011

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Six years ago Lior Bensimon, the CEO and founder of Edison Medical™ had a vision of changing the game in the world of Dental Implants.


Lior served his country as a paramedic in the IDF for 3 years.

He went on to get his combined degree in Technology and Business Management  from Fairleigh Dickinson University (USA).


Lior grew up with the dental world in the background, as his father owned his own dental product company. Through this exposure, Lior later relocated to the US and assisted MIS in creating a successful network within the US market.


Through his vast experience in the field, Edison Medical™ was created.

Lior wanted to provide dental implant solutions while maintaining a real connection with his clients, supplying premium products while remaining in the forefront of technology in an efficient manner.


Lior was interested in creating a new and unique platform for selling his products, while cutting out the ‘middle-man’/ sales representative.

There was an understanding early on that the internet was going to be ‘the next best thing’ in the world of retail, and Edison Medical™ was going to be up there with the best.

How the dental implant bay store came about

Thus dibay™ (dental implant bay) was created, an online Dental Implant Store providing premium quality dental implant and other related items at affordable prices.

dibay™ was a manifestation of Lior’s vision to provide his clients with solutions within the world of dental implants, while making sure that customer service was and remains impeccable.


The online dental implant store allowed customers to purchase any of the many items available from the comfort of their own home or practice in the click of a button, rather than waste valuable time with a sales reps, waiting that much time to receive the items purchased.


Lior understood early on that the key for success lied not only with the premium products he provided, but more over with the exceptional service his clients received.


Six years later, dibay™ is committed to providing the best possible value, products and service to all clients on a global level.

The online Dental Implant shop has developed and improved to allow for the best online shopping experience available, with easy navigation options among our wide range of products.


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