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A fabricated device that is enclosed in the model to be operated and is used during manufacturing of the laboratory prosthetics to replicate the position and shape of the implant platform. It is also known as Implant replica.

The implant analog is specially fabricated to duplicate the definite location and exact external and internal morphology of the selected implant in the laboratory procedure. The body of the dental implant analog is acclaimed by undercuts and anti-rotational grooves. They come in different comparable diameters with implant and their sizes can be appreciated by the number of different grooves on them. After taking an impression with the help of the transfer device, the laboratory will seat the exact diameter analog onto the transfer device as to pour up the model that perfectly duplicates the top of implant and internal star identical to the shape in the mouth.

An analog has a very important role for a successful case!

It is the exact replica of the top of implant fixture or abutment in the laboratory cast. It is very beneficial to create a soft tissue moulage in the impression prior to pouring. Soft tissue moulage is an elastomeric product, which simulates the soft tissue portion on the dental cast. Soft tissue moulage allows the technician to have an exact and flexible representation of the soft tissue. The laboratory technician has working model that can be used to fabricate either the abutment or the framework for the intended prosthetic design.

Implant analog Provide a proper location of implant in oral cavity for work in laboratory. Prosthesis with good retention and proper fit is fabricated by implant analog. With the help of dental implant analog, work is done in absence of patient, which reduces no of visits to dentist and is time saving. The end product of the implant analog can be imagined.

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