Dental Healing Caps / Healing Abutment

Definition of dental healing caps:

Healing caps are small dome shaped metallic cylinders that are placed above the gums and over the fixation screws.It is made out of titanium or titanium alloy with parallel, concave or tapered walls determined by and range in height from  2 to 10 mm (height depends upon the thickness of tissue present )

Dental Healing Caps Advantages:

  • It is placed on the exposed part of the implant to seal its superior part from the oral environment.
  • They are source for soft tissue health and management.
  • Healing caps lead to accurate closure of soft tissue surrounding implant and provide a definite shape and form to gingiva which is aesthetically close to natural look.
  • Contours of final crown are determined by healing caps as they allow the shaping of gums.
  • Healing caps prevent further surgical procedures done for accurate impression as they prevent the downward growth of soft tissue into implants.
  • Caps of variable lengths, diameters and beveled are available from which following type of healing can be obtained.
  • Transgingival healing is achieved by placing taller caps while implant shoulders are in a subgingival position.
  • Semi submerged and submerged healing is achieved by healing cap having labial bevel or smaller size respectively which allow precise and accurate approximation of gingiva and also give base for further management.
  • Single unit caps prevents rotation of restoration and are called engaging types while caps for multiple units are non engaging types.

Dental Healing Cap Placement:

Dental healing caps are placed in a two stage surgical procedure.

  • It depends! If it is a two-stages implant, so after the osseointegration process, the dental implant is exposed and cover screw is removed, than the healing cap will get screwed on top of the implant with suturing around it for a short period of approximately 2 weeks. This is enough time for the soft tissue to be nicely healed around it and the the last restoration process can be started. In case of a One-Stage implant, the healing cap will be placed immediately during the surgery.
  • Healing cap should be fully seated on the implant platform to prevent the bone / tissue from growing in between the implant and the screw.

Materials :

    • Polyoxymethyline
    • Titanium metals
    • Zirconia
    • PEEK

Healing abutments have many advantages

some of which include the following:

  • They assist in the final contour for crowns.
  • Permit a more aesthetic appearance as they grant a more accurate closure of the soft tissue around the dental implant
  • They avoid further dental procedures as well as the downward growth of the soft tissue.
  • Enables the exposed section of the dental implant to be sealed off from the rest of the oral cavity.

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