The King of Pop. Introducing our Locator Overdenture, Pop- Clicq™


We find ourselves at a time where people needing dental implants and other related procedures (such as locator overdenture) is ever growing. Because of these increasing numbers, it is more important than ever to make sure that the market has on offer premium quality solutions not only for dentists, but more over for their patients. With […]

Have No Fear, Xi-Nex Is Here & It’s Changing the Way We Deal With Dental Anxiety.


Xi-Nex Is  Changing the Way We Deal With Dental Anxiety. Going to the dentist for many of us is not always the most joyes affair. In fact 9-12 percent of all Americans do their very best to avoid keeping dentist appointments. That says A LOT! This ‘condition’ is not restricted to the US only, but […]

Best First Impression of Our Implant Impression Copings


Meet Our Implant Impression Copings The process of Implant Impression Coping consists of replicating the dental implant position in the mouth, creating a copy of the precise shape, dimension and position of the dental implant of the patient. The Impression Coping is screwed on to a dental implant, which then an impression is made. This enables the […]

Our UCLA Abutments, Raising the Bar for the Entire Market


Meet Our UCLA Abutment- COBALT CHROME Here at dibay™ our UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment, offered with a machined base, produced from various metal alloys such as: Gold, Chrome Cobalt or Titanium. It is used for single or multi unit screws or cement-retained restorations. UCLA Abutments were designed to fix implant angulation problems and […]

dibay™, the online Dental Implant Store that has been changing the rules of the game since 2011

Online Dental Implant Store Shop

Six years ago Lior Bensimon, the CEO and founder of Edison Medical™ had a vision of changing the game in the world of Dental Implants.   Lior served his country as a paramedic in the IDF for 3 years. He went on to get his combined degree in Technology and Business Management  from Fairleigh Dickinson […]