It’s Time to Meet the Best Implant Analogs on the Market.

Implant Analogs Dental

Here at dibay, we are extremely proud as well as confident in regards to all our products.

We are immensely honored to introduce to you our Titanium Implant Analogs.

We appreciate the great roll that Implant Analogs play in the dental implant process, and thus have designed our implant analogs with the greatest precision and care.

Here are what we consider the best features of our Implant Analogs:

• Premium Quality & Super Precise Analog
• The analog has two holes in its body for maximal retention
• Internal Hex Connection System
• Regular Platform (RP) 3.5mm / 3.75mm / 4.2mm
• Compatible With: Zimmer®, MIS®, BioHorizons®, Alpha Bio®, Implant Direct® etc’
• Material: Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI Grade 5

We’d like to invite you to come and enjoy our Premium Quality Implant Analogs with a 20% off discount, as we are assure you won’t understand how you worked without them up till now.

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