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The process of Implant Impression Coping consists of replicating the dental implant position in the mouth, creating a copy of the precise shape, dimension and position of the dental implant of the patient. The Impression Coping is screwed on to a dental implant, which then an impression is made. This enables the dentist to facilitate the transfer of the implant location to a laboratory cast.



Two techniques can be used:

The Open Tray Technique enables the dentist to extract the complete impression including the implant impression copings from the patient, including the retaining screws while the impression copings remain inside the impression materials. Then the analog are added before sending it off to the laboratory. This approach enables higher levels of precision.

The Closed Tray Technique is when the impression is first removed from the patient’s mouth, unscrewing the implant impression copings from the implant which are then placed back into their position in the impression material and lastly adding the analogues which are then sent to the laboratory.


Implant coping

Want to know more about the advantages of our implant Impression Copings?

  • Allows to achieve far more accurate results
  • Has a TiN (Titanium Nitride) finish
  • Can be used as a final abutment, thus making it far more cost effective
  • Can be reused numerous times
  • Made of Ti-6AL-4V-ELI 
  • Can be bought separately
  • Enables a full mouth impression


We recently came out with our new premium line and patent pending (PP US62/416.368)  angulated / angled implant impression copings with Titanium Nitrite coating. The impression coping itself can then be used as a final abutment as well, which makes it very cost-effective. Not only do you achieve more accurate results, it can be used several times, purchased separately, as well as being used as a final abutment sparing you time and money. We kindly invite you to learn more about our premium products on our website, as we assure you once you’ve used them once you’ll never want to stop. These are the materials which are most ideal for impression coping: Anodized Aluminium, Plastic and Titanium

Dental Copings assists in expediting the transference of dental implants


Transference of dental implants from the patient to the lab to have a mold done. By replicating the position of the dental implant, this creates an accurate copy of the dimension, position and shape of the implant for each and every patient, all these contribute to the high success & accuracy of each case.

Here at dibay we offer our impression copings which can also act as a final abutment, making this far more cost effecting. You can now achieve accurate results while using the impression coping multiple times and can be ordered separately. We offer a large selection of dental implant impression copings & transfers which are compatible with major systems existing in the market.


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