All on 4 Implants

All On 4 Implant

All on 4 or Nothing on 3 ?

The experience of removable dentures has slowly decreased over the years, mainly due to the discomfort it causes to those using it. From messy experiences with adhesives to the unnatural exterior it grants those using it, to the way in which eating is affected and not to mention the very unpleasant situation whereby the denture moves during a conversation or while taking a bite.

Not only is the discomfort associated with its external appearance, the general upkeep of removable dentures is very high maintenances. From having to remove them during sleep, to cleaning and sanitizing them post meals. Moreover, dentures need to be refitted every couple of years which is not only expensive but time-consuming. That is why All on 6 implants have become such a game changer in the world of dental implants.

Que All on 4 Dental Implant systems:


This system was first invented by Dr. Malo in the 1980’s.

The main principle of this system which determined and allowed for a comfortable new work protocol within the realm of dental implants.


The term All on 6 implants refers to a dental implant procedure whereby a full set of lower or upper teeth is replaced and placed on 4 implants only.

These 4 implants are strategically placed to hold a set of 14 teeth in a manner that grants the patient as much comfort as possible in the minimum surgical procedure necessary.

This procedure is also cheaper than implanting 14 seperate dental implants, not to mention less time consuming as well as less painful and invasive.


All on 4 dental implants have been very successful, with about 95% success rate.

Despite these impressive numbers, no medical procedure is utterly problem free.


Some of the pros:

-Not as expensive as implanting 14 separate teeth

-Most if not all of the procedure can occur all on the same day

-Usually no bone grafting

-Less dental implants spread, most towards the back with angulation

There may, however, be some complications which include:


-The patient may experience difficulty adapting to the restoration:

In some instances, patients will experience difficulty getting used to the All-on-4 system. This may occur mostly with clients that have grown accustomed to removable dentures in the past.


-Surgical complications in the process:

Every surgical procedure is at risk of having complications, All-on-4 is no exception. Some clients may experience a prolonged healing time period or infections which will cause the patient discomfort.


-There is difficulty of the dental implant integration:

Integration difficulty with these multi unit abutments are not rare when it concerns dental implants, as each case is different. The ability of the implant to integrate into the patient’s bone can sometimes be predetermined due to the clients oral health, diet, bone density and more.

-The restoration experiences breakage:

Only on very rare occasions have the All-on-4 systems experienced breakage of some sort. These systems are extremely resilient. In the case that there is a break in the implant, on some occasions it can be fixed, although usually the denture will need to be replaced.


So why All-on-6 ?


The basic difference between the two systems are the amount of dental implants needed for the procedure, one uses 4 implants while the other uses 6.

With more implants used, more stability and strength is gained which translates to the patient as more comfortable and longer lasting dental implants. When eating it is important that an equal amount of force is dispersed in the jaw and implants. That is why the location in which implant is placed is of the utmost importance.


In summary when a patient requires more than a couple of dental implants on the same jaw, All-on-6 is a wonderful option that offers a quicker, cheaper, less invasive course of action that grants the patient a permanent solution with maximum success rates.


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