It’s Time To Raise The Bar for All On 4 Implants

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All on 4 Implants, a topic we’ve touched on in the past

The system was first used in the early 80’s, invented by Dr.Malo.

It was invented as a means to find a better, faster & cheaper options to the ‘old fashioned’ dentures that were being used during that time.

Dentures have proven over the years as being more problematic than providing a long term solution for those needing them.

Their ‘unexpected’ nature, along with strict sanitary restrictions have made them over the years obsolete, and systems such as the All on 4 Implants more relevant than ever before.


All on 4 Implants provided a new work protocol for dental implants in general.

When a patient requires more than 3 dental implants on the same jaw (be top or bottom) it is far more efficient to provide a All on 4/ All on 6 Implant system where a full set of 14 teeth denture system is attached to 4/ 6 dental implants spread strategically across the jaw line.

By providing an anchorage of 4 or 6 implants across one jaw, a better and more stable base is provided on which to attach the prosthetic structure.

Not only does this system spare valuable time (and can usually be placed in one day, allowing the patient to leave the dental office done and happy, rather having to come back multiple times and with missing teeth which can be uncomfortable), it is cost effective and far less invasive with minimal surgical procedures necessary.


The core idea behind the All on 4 Implant system is to provide the best stability for the patient, while enabling a comfortable and natural as possible experience for a prolonged period of time with minimal to no unnecessary visits to the dentist’s office. With such a successful solution (95% success rate to be exact) to patients requiring full jaw dental implant replacement, is there even room for improvement? Funny you should ask, because THERE IS!


dibay™ is proud to introduce a game changer in the field of All on 4 Implants / All on 6 Implants:

Clicq™ Multi Bar on 4/ on 6 Prefabricated Permanent Bar For Overdentures

Design Patent Pending No. 62154

Patent Pending No. US 62/679,389


Since stability and comfort are the most important aspect of the final product, so we have decided to raise the bar even higher.all on 6 implants

Our Clicq™ Multi Bar comes with Titanium sleeves that attach to the analogs along with Non-Springy, Zero Memory Titanium Clicq™ Rods.

Once the impression is made, the Titanium Sleeve are attached to the analogs. The 2 Titanium Zero Memory Bars are then attached to the Titanium sleeves and fixed into place.

The Zero Memory Titanium Rods slide into the first Titanium sleeves that have been attached to the analogs and fastened tightly with micro screws into place. Once one end of the sleeves are fastened with the 2 Titanium Rods, the same is done to the remainder of the Titanium Sleeves until all 4/ or 6 sleeves have the 2 Rods connected to them.

By providing 2 connective Bars to the 4/ 6 analogs we are providing a stronger, more stable solution for All on 4/ All on 6 dentures. Pressure in the oral cavity is better dispersed during speech and especially when chewing, causing less pain, friction and overall discomfort that may have occurred in the past and over time.


all on 6-implant dentalSounds amazing right? Well hold on to your implants, because it gets even better!

Not only are we providing a stronger foundation on which to connect the dentures, the structure is super light which has immediate as well as a positive impact on the patient.

It is very quick to install and can be done chairside, which spares time having to send it to an external lab (and additional costs) thus making it not only time efficient but cost effective.


The Major Advantages of us using Clicq™ Multi Bar on 4 / on 6

  • Made of Titanium & Light weight
  • Can be done chairside
  • No need to send to an external Lab
  • Time efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Grants better stability
  • Very easy to use and fast to install

It is time we took a few steps forward rather than a few back.All on 6 Dental Implant

We are proud to present you with a new product that we know and assure you is a real game changer, not only for you but moreover for your patients.

We kindly invite you to learn more about this revolutionary products, you truly won’t know how you worked with anything else up till now.


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