A Whole New Ball Attachment Game.


A Whole New Ball Attachment Game.

Ball attachments are used for over-denture support of tissue and implants.

Usually one would find two or more parallel implants, which then the ball attachment enables solid retention which assists in securing the overdenture in the patient’s mouth.


When considering the use of the ball attachments, it is important to consider both the pros & cons.Components-Ball-Attachment

Ball attachments are considered to be an appropriate choice as they maintain a resilient attachment option while easy to construct.


When using the ball attachment, this acts as a shock absorber, redirecting stress and providing exceptional retention. It is very simple to attach & remove when needed, which makes it ideal for many of the more elderly patients. Moreover the ball attachment procedure is usually conducted chair side, which makes it time effective which is always a bonus for patients.


The option of ball attachments will usually be more suitable and appealing to the elderly community as it is easy to handle, priced reasonably, easy to clean and a simple restorative option.

With all of these advantages, one must consider one main disadvantage when using the ball attachment.

Due to its structure, the ball attachment has a naturally higher profile than that of other attachments, which can cause a ‘less natural’ experience and feel for the patient.

Moreover, it has been noted that when using the ball attachments, there have been higher cases of prosthodontic complications, retention decreases over time due to the wear of the patrices and matrices.

Some will say that the bar design is far more retentive than the ball attachments, as well as not suitable for use when presented with a case of nonparallel implants since the retention will reduce greatly.


At dibay we provide a large variety of Ball Attachments (with a Ball Diameter of 2.5mm), made of Titanium Ti6Al4V Eli Grade 5, and are compatible with Astra, Nobel Biocare and Zimmer

systems. Our Ball Attachments are intended for non-splinted restorations, at competitive prices and are produced in the highest quality controlled environment.

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